Doctors' health and well being

NZMA continues to find significant opportunities to provide leadership on issues of doctors' health and wellbeing without necessarily being a provider of services or getting into industrial matters. Good research is available on the link between doctor wellness and patient outcomes and data may also be available on health system productivity and the wellness and vitality of the health workforce.

The NZMA’s Doctors’ Health Wellbeing and Vitality position statement makes recommendations for doctors and students, employers, medical schools, colleges and the Government. We continue to seek opportunities to reinforce the importance of optimal health for the medical workforce.

The NZMA’s greater involvement with the Medical Benevolent Society is an opportunity to achieve a higher profile for this fund and improve its reach to doctors and families in need.

The DiTC has decided that this will be an ongoing focus for the Council and has created an online resource: Are you OK?, which offers ways in which doctors can monitor and improve their own health and wellbeing and that of colleagues. A health and wellbeing page has also been set up on the NZMA website.

The NZMA also made a submission on the Medical Council's proposed changes to its Statement on providing care to yourself and those close to you.